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ExcelliSearch is a specialized recruiting firm that delivers excellence in finding highly qualified candidates for your full-time and project-based needs.  Our focus is in the Information Technology area, specifically Oracle E-Business & JD Edwards.  With over fifteen years of experience and our wide network of talented IT pro's we are also a valuable partner in supporting other areas.  We provide recruiting services for companies and consulting firms ranging from the Fortune500's to SMB's across the USA and Canada.

At ExcelliSearch, we believe there is an art and a science to finding the best candidates for your opening.  The science is in matching the skills & experience of a candidate to your job descriptions.  The art is in developing an understanding of your business, corporate culture, the team the person would become part of and the hiring manager to assure an excellent FIT!  We understand your time is valuable and are highly selective of who we present to you.  We do not post your jobs on boards such as Monster and we Dice and hope the right candidate applies.  We believe in presenting the BEST candidates, not the best available candidates.  We apply industry best practices, hunting via research and networking, tapping into the passive candidate market where the strongest talent typically sits.


Integrity is at the core of our values.  We strive to always do what is right. We place a high value on execution and will always do our best to serve our clients and candidates.  We are an easy provider to work with.   At ExcelliSearch we work in partnership with our clients, serving as an extension of their leaders and recruiting team.  Being transparent and open in communication has allowed us to enjoy a reputation of quickly building trust with those we support.  At ExcelliSearch, we honor our commitments, and take pride in doing what we say we will do.   We have a strong sense of community and believe in giving back.  Each year, ExcelliSearch donates a percentage of our profits to charities across the country in the name of our clients.  


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